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What Makes the Perfect Cornish Pasty

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National Baking Week is upon us.

The most exciting event in Britain’s culinary calendar, people all over the country are set to take up their rolling pins and whisks, and try their hand at creating one of our nation’s favourite treats.

A popular choice for pastry fans is the Cornish pasty. A delicious blend of beef, potatoes and vegetables, wrapped in golden shortcrust, the Cornish pasty inspires devotion and love like no other baked good.

Once a staple of Cornish tin miners, the pasty has spread throughout Britain. The ingredient list is fiercely contested – in 2011, the Cornish Pasty Association even sought Protected Geographical Indication.

We at Perfect Stays are getting into the spirit of Baking Week. As proud connoisseurs of our region’s most celebrated dish, we have created a guide to making the perfect Cornish pasty.

Roll up your sleeves, flour down a surface, and join us in making Cornwall’s best-loved dish.

Cornish Pasty

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