Liven up your home with beautiful bohemian interiors

The golden rule is that there are no rules


Combine the rich colours and textures of vibrant Moroccan design with the clean lines and bold silhouettes of modern Scandinavia, and you’ll have the beginnings of a beautifully bohemian home. Inspired by the top styling experts, we’ve compiled our favourite characteristics from the unconventional and artistic bohemian trend. Take a look at our top tips for an autumnal refresh.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match


Liven up your home with beautiful bohemian interiors - Perfect Stays


A lively interior fusion that recklessly mixes old with new, experimenting with bohemian style is the perfect excuse to let your imagination run free. While bohemian interiors can be wild and wonderful in colour, pattern and texture, don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces from different time periods and pair classic pieces of minimalist furniture with your favourite 1930s antique.

If you’ve collected a treasure trove of eclectic trinkets from far-away travels, now’s the time to delve deep and decorate your home with personal history. The golden rule with this free-spirited style is that there are no rules.


When it comes to colour, the brighter the better


Liven up your home with beautiful bohemian interiors - Perfect Stays


Fiery orange, saturated purple and electric blue add depth and warmth to any room, complimenting earthy base tones and creating a rich, autumnal colour scheme to liven up chillier months. For a real sense of sophisticated luxury, introducing metallic accents to your décor will lift the space and give it some extra sparkle. From intricate silverware to deep, brassy tones – when it comes to the bohemian style, more is more.


Get creative with lighting


Liven up your home with beautiful bohemian interiors - Perfect Stays


Playing with light will immediately make your home feel free and fun, and there are plenty of ways to compliment or contrast the look you’re creating in each room. Hanging a trio of pendant lights above a breakfast bar will change up the shape of your kitchen and give it an elegant twist, while funky lava lamps provide a playful retro touch to fill a living room with warmth and colour.

You can get creative with smaller projects too – jazz up a wire framed bedside table with playful pompoms, or draw your own designs onto a neutral lampshade to add an extra splash of personality.


It’s all about texture


Liven up your home with beautiful bohemian interiors - Perfect Stays


Tasselled rugs, beaded mirrors and crocheted tapestries can live in complete harmony in a bohemian home, brightening up bare walls and making each room instantly welcoming. Pattern on pattern is widely encouraged, so embrace bold flowery textiles and moody celestial prints that demand attention and steal the show. Let your imagination run free – anything goes.


Enhance original features


Liven up your home with beautiful bohemian interiors - Perfect Stays


Inject energy into your bathroom with a striking palette and unique details. Walls painted in rich, rustic colours like mustard, burnt orange and terracotta evoke a sense of luxury across the whole room, while statement tiles provide a great feature to break up the space. A quirky claw foot bath tub will create an enchanting contrast with stripped back wooden floors beneath, making your interiors flow freely from room to room.

If it’s a light-hearted, playful look you’re going for, introduce a few key pieces of statement artwork and a whimsical dreamcatcher, or add bold metallic accents and wire framed storage solutions for a toughened industrial edge. Finishing touches like a porthole mirror or colourful rug will lift the room and fill it with colour, while tinted ambient lighting will provide a soft bohemian glow.


Make yourself at home


Liven up your home with beautiful bohemian interiors - Perfect Stays


A sunken living room and an assortment of cosy cushions go hand in hand, and make for a veritable rainy day den. Make the most of this unusual and versatile space and introduce wild texture combinations, bringing together super soft white furs and velvet paisley prints for luxurious comfort.

Rich, wooden floors provide the perfect backdrop for plush blankets and bold floor cushions, while adding some abstract artwork and unique trinkets will create a homely and inviting feel. Cosying up for the evening surrounded by an eclectic combination of rich Moroccan textures and vibrant Aztec accents is a sure-fire way to embrace care-free bohemia.


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