Owner Information

We provide more than just a lettings service.

We work closely with owners at all levels, whether advising on minor makeovers to imparting invaluable knowledge and contacts for total renovations.

New Builds & Renovations

New builds and renovations take a lot of time and financial resource, so it’s important to always get the best advice. With our comprehensive experience, we know what works and what doesn’t and can help provide useful information on all aspects, from heating systems and practical flooring materials to audio visual equipment and interior design.

Looking to Buy?

Before you purchase a Perfect Stays-quality property, we can help with some rental insights to help with your decision-making process.

House Equipment & Purchase Lists

If you like lists to work from when purchasing items for your new property, and you are one of our customers, we can supply helpful resources, such as kitchen equipment lists and much more.

Interior Design

We are not interior designers but we have lots of helpful hints as well as some great interior design contacts that we can put you in touch with.

Trusted Supplier Recommendations

We have worked with many quality suppliers and contractors which we can happily to help you with any aspect of your project, whatever the size and scale.

Legal Compliance

To date, we have rarely met a new customer with a holiday home that is completely legally compliant! We can help advise on all aspects of achieving legal compliance, which is relatively straight-forward with the right knowledge.

Housekeeping, Linen & Property Services

A beautiful home is only as great as the service providers who maintain it. Finding the right companies to provide your housekeeping, property management and maintenance services is the key to a smooth-running holiday home. We work with excellent service providers in our existing rental areas, and can help source the right companies for you in new areas. Our implementation guide explains exactly how each service should be performed to maintain a consistent level of service, which is a real asset to new owners of holiday homes.


Many new owners do purchase the wrong type of insurance for their holiday home, which can leave them without many benefits that they really should have. We have carefully researched the insurance market for a company that can offer the correct level of insurance for high quality properties. We can introduce new and existing property owners to our recommended holiday home insurance company as part of our due diligence process.