Sennen Cove Christmas Swim – Fancy a Dip?

Sennen Cove Christmas Swim ©Oliver Beattie

On a hazy summer’s day at Sennen Cove – and they do happen – you’d be forgiven for thinking, for just one brief moment, that you had somehow been magically transported to the temperate climes of the Mediterranean.

This time of year is no different, except for the temperature of course. A hugely popular destination for tourists and locals, with a mile of golden sand and clear blue waters, Sennen Cove becomes an unlikely destination for hundreds of brave (or crazy) people for the annual Christmas Day swim (no wetsuits allowed). There’s nothing more invigorating than a dip in the icy Atlantic sea…pass me the mulled wine please.

Christmas swims take place all over the country, with enthusiastic bathers relinquishing their reclined positions on the sofa in favour of toe-dipping in below 10° waters. Sennen Cove usually attracts more than 400 people each year on this day and is one of a number of wild-swims that take place in Cornwall on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

At least the event takes place in the morning, around 11:00am, giving you the rest of the day to warm up by the fire, eat copious amounts of roast turkey and ease those weary joints with a dram of brandy. See you there! I’ll be the one watching on the beach with a Thermos of “coffee”.