7 Sunny Days in Cornwall

Polly Joke


Cornwall is beautiful, come rain or shine. We all know it, and many of us relish pulling on the wellies and donning the macs for a tramp along the mizzley coastline. But, when the sun comes out, there’s an undeniable blanket of tranquillity that befalls our dazzling county.

On these blessed days, there’s nothing better than spending as much time as possible in the fresh sea air. Below are 7 activities for 7 sunny days in Cornwall.


Kayaking is a great sunny day activity and it’s really easy too, so even if you’ve never done it before you’ll still have a great time and pick it up without any problem. Cornwall has numerous beautiful lakes, estuaries and coastline to explore. Pick a still flat day and remember to load up on the sun cream.

Hire from: Loe Beach, Harlyn Surf School

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up Paddle Boarding is the craze at the minute, and for good reason: it’s fun, fairly easy to pick up and relaxing. The incredibly buoyant, oversized surf boards are easy to balance on lying down, kneeling or standing and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you glide across the water on one of these.

Hire from: Fistral Beach or Harlyn Surf School

Coastal Walking

Flip flops or walking boots, rain or shine, walking along Cornwall’s coast paths is not only free, but provides you with the best views. Take your beach stuff with you because you will find a hidden cove, or stretching expanse of sand you’ll want to commandeer.

Sea Safari

We all spend a lot of time gazing at it from the beach or our windows, so get out on it and admire it close up! Cornwall’s coastline is home to dolphins, basking sharks, seals and numerous fish as well as scores of birds, including puffins and cormorants.

Charter: Padstow Sea Life Safaris or Cornish Sea Tours


There’s nothing more satisfying than catching your own dinner, and it doesn’t come fresher than this. With opportunities to catch mackerel, bass, taupe, and much more, you needn’t be an expert as the sea is teeming with life.

Charter: Rock Fishing Trips

Star Gazing

Ok, so technically not a sunny day activity, or even a day activity! But if the day has been sunny, chances are you’re in for a clear night sky. Away from the city light pollution, the coast offers the perfect spot to avert eyes skyward where you’ll be certain to see a shooting star or two – particularly in August when the annual Perseids meteor shower takes place.