We’re going on a Treasure Hunt!

The merry month of May is already upon us, and with it comes two bank holidays, a half term and plenty of sunshine (hopefully!).  Keep the children entertained this May, wherever you may be in Cornwall, with a treasure hunt.

Cornwall’s rich history is full of fairies, giants, myths and legends, shipwrecks, smuggling and treasure. With ancient artefacts and forgotten coins frequently unearthed.

A treasure hunt is great way to enjoy Cornwall’s coast and countryside with the kids: you get to enjoy those picturesque walks and the children are enthralled by the potential to discover gold bullion. Below are 3 easy ways to embark on a treasure hunt.


Download a Treasure Trail


Download your very own Treasure Trail map with a Murder Mystery-style case to solve from treasuretrails.co.uk, or have your chosen map sent to you in the post. Choose from a huge selection of trails of varying distances, with different stories to uncover.

The Cornwall-based company provides ready-made and custom treasure trails all over the UK as well as over 50 in Cornwall.




Image: Wikimedia

Geocaching is guaranteed to bring out the child in any adult and is great fun for adults and children. This modern version of a treasure hunt has gathered huge following across the world. Simply typing in your location on the website reveals thousands of hidden geocaches in the nearby vicinity.

Using a downloadable app and GPS navigation, navigate your way to your chosen geocaches. Ranging in difficulty, distance and treasure size, generally once a geocache has been found, the contents are either swapped with a treasure of the same value or more for the next geocacher, or left as they are.

Visit Geocaching.com and discover thousands of hidden treasures near you. Navigate your way to the geocache and make sure to sign the logbook and report your find online. National Trust sites across the UK are also getting involved, find out more here.

Do It Yourself


Creating your own treasure trail is simple and only requires a small amount of forward planning. First things first, decide where you’d like your treasure hunt to take place. The easiest way to do this is to use Google Maps. Be adventurous! Cornwall is obviously famed for its beaches, but the many beautiful woods, gardens, castles and ruins would make a fantastic location for a treasure hunt.

Decide where you’re going to hide or bury your treasures along the way. Will you have a map with ‘X’ marks the spot? Or maybe clues or rhymes for the kids to solve? Pay a visit the day before or earlier that day to set the scene and hide the treasures.

Top Tip: avoid using sweets or chocolates as treasure, you may find that someone or something else has found the treats before you get the chance to!