Owner Information

It’s a fact that without our property owners, we have no long term business. Here’s what a few of our owners have to say about our service. 

Overcombe, Bigbury-on-Sea, South Devon

“We have owned Overcombe for 16 years, during which time it had been our wonderful family retreat. We decided to rebuild the property, make it fabulous and enter the luxury holiday rental market. When the project was close to completion, we knew our most important decision would be who to market it with.

The best website, with the most similar properties in our opinion, was Perfect Stays, but there was an issue – all of their properties were in Cornwall. Ours would be the first in Devon. We then had a meeting with Perfect Stays and were assured this would not be a problem. They also gave us invaluable advice on many of the finishing touches and furnishings of the property.

We really felt, from our very first meeting with Perfect Stays, that we had found the ‘perfect partner’. Overcombe has now been with Perfect Stays since 2014, and in 2016 rented for 48 out of 52 weeks without a single problem! Nothing appears to be too much trouble; they are super efficient, with a brilliant team who are a pleasure to deal with. Their marketing and website is second to none. We could not recommend them highly enough.”

Blue Elvin, Newlyn, West Cornwall

“When we began to set up Blue Elvin as a luxury holiday home we knew it would take a special company to market it properly. We tried a number of options, but from the moment we began talking to Emily about how best to adapt the house, we knew we had found the right place to go. Not only was she very knowledgeable about her customer base, she was also very sensitive to the style of the house and helped us make the right decisions at every turn. She has a great eye for detail, alongside a collaborative approach which made the process smooth and  constructive all the way through.

And the same has been true of the whole Perfect Stays team which swung into action and raced to get the house up and running on the web site to hit the summer season. The results have been fantastic. And what the company offers – and it really works – is a very proactive and hands-on interaction with their client list. It’s the way to go!”

Pentyak, Harlyn Bay, Cornwall

“We first met Scott of Perfect Stays 3 years ago (2011) when we were starting our search for a holiday home in Cornwall. We were immediately impressed by his knowledge of the market and the area (with contacts everywhere!) and his no nonsense approach. From the outset he has been very open and willing to share opinions and ideas and ultimately he has provided us with great advice. Advice which has steered us to our dream holiday home (Pentyak in Harlyn Bay). Scott helped us with location, size, layout and what’s needed to make a perfect holiday home (everything from the really big decisions down to the type of pastry brush!). With so much experience now in the market Scott has developed almost a second sense of what guests and home owners really want.

But …. there is not just Scott, over the last 9 months (or so) he has introduced us to the wider Perfect Stays team (including some of his lovely family). To a person the Perfect Stays team are helpful, responsive and fun! As home owners we feel completely supported by the Perfect Stays team, it is a cliche to use the “nothing is too much trouble” phrase but it is true. Just to finish but to give you an example of this, we recently completed the refurbishment of Pentyak and had 12 hours to clean and unpack the whole house before a house full descended on us for the start of our summer holidays. Nearly the whole Perfect Stays team turned up to help and stayed until about 10pm on a Friday night. Lovely people and great support, Scott and Tina have done really well to build such a fantastic team.”

The Cove, Polzeath, Cornwall

“Perfect Stays have been a pleasure to deal with since our very first meeting, when Scott kindly picked me up from Newquay airport. Well beyond the call of duty! They have been fair and reasonable in all our negotiations. Their advice on setting up our house for rental was very helpful and they directed us to high quality local suppliers for many items. Eighteen months in, rentals have exceeded all our expectations. We could not recommend Perfect Stays more highly.”

Porth Enys House, Mousehole

“We have owned Porth Enys House since 1987 and throughout that time used it as a family holiday home.  In early 2012 we decided, as the children no longer spent their summer holidays there, we would rent it as a holiday property.  We approached several companies who we thought specialised in the luxury end of the rental market and had a few meetings. It was obvious that Perfect Stays held the same values as ourselves and they spent a lot of time giving us very detailed advice. We initially thought our  house was perfect, but after we had followed their advice, we could see that the advice given was honest and invaluable.

We started renting the house out from mid 2012 and were very pleased with the number, quality and value of bookings. In 2013, after putting up the prices to reflect the addition of more accommodation within the grounds, we have been really delighted with the number of bookings and the revenue during this year.  We are also pleased that we are getting quite a lot of repeat bookings, which suggests we have got something right. We also have a large part of 2014 booked already.”

Rosemain, Rock, Cornwall

“I first met Scott half way through my renovation of Rosemain, and it soon became apparent he and his company are very particular in their approach and dealt with high end properties. They were quickly able to create a large number of successful bookings from scratch and develop a high degree of repeat business. The attention to detail by the whole Perfect Stays team has meant that I have been able to maximise lettings, safe in the knowledge that the Perfect Stays team are on  hand to deal with any issues that may arise. Scott has advised me on all aspects of a holiday rental, often sourcing products and having a superb backup team behind him helping to maintain the property, therefore continuing the high standard and they have already taken many bookings for following year which is exactly what they said that they would do.”